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Miscellanea Graeca

Fasciculus 1: H. Mussche, Paule Spitaels, F. Goemaere-De Poerck (edited by - ), Thorikos and the Laurion in Archaic and Classical Times. Papers and Contributions of the Colloquium held in March, 1973, at the State University of Ghent 207 pp. (Ghent 1975)


J. Labarbe, Les "testimonia" concernant Thorikos
E. Vanderpool, A South Attic Miscellany
R. Paepe, The Geomorphological Evolution and the Physical Environment of South-Attica
C. Conophagos, Thechnological and Industrial Implications of Silver-Winning
H. Mussche, Thorikos in Archaic and Classical Times
J. E. Jones, Town and Country Houses of Attica in Classical Times
J. H. Young, Belgian and American Cooperation in South-Attica before the War
C. M. Kraay, Archaic Owls of Athens: New Evidence for Chronology
J. Bingen, Le trésor de tétradrachmes attiques de style pi
S. Laufer, Das Bergbauprogramm in Xenophons Poroi

Fasciculus 2: Technological Studies 190 pp. (Gent 1979)


N. H. Gale, Some Aspects of Lead and Silver Mining in the Aegean
P. De Paepe, A Petrological Study of Coarse Wares from Thorikos, S.E. Attica (Greece)
P. De Paepe, Chemical Characteristics of Archaic and Classical Coarse Wares from Thorios, S.E. Attica (Greece)
J. Op de Beeck & J. Ghijsels, Classification and Similarity Analysis of Pottery from the Mining Area of Thorikos (Greece) based on Trace Constituent Concentrations, determined by Neutron Activation Analysis
H. F. Mussche, A Note on Clay Analyses of some Corinthian and Attic Thorikos Sherds

Fasciculus 3: S. Vlietinck, Bibliographical Repertory of Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from Attic and Corinthian Sites 76 pp. (Gent 1981)
Fasciculus 4: P. A. Mountjoy, Four Early Mycenaean Wells from the South Slope of the Acropolis at Athens , met een appendix: The "Bellows' Nozzle" door R. D. G. Evely 92 pp., 34 figg., 28 pll. (Gent 1981)
Fasciculus 5: Paule Spitaels (edited by - ), Studies in South Attica I 166 pp., 16 pll. (Ghent 1982)


P. Spitaels, Final Neolithic Pottery from Thorikos. P. De Paepe, Appendix
D. Keller, Final Neolithic Pottery from Plakari, Karystos
P. De Paepe, A Petrological Examination of Final Neolithic Pottery from Thorikos and Karystos
P. Spitaels, An Unstratified Late Mycenaean Deposit from Thorikos (Mine Gallery No. 3) - Attica
N. H. Gale and Z. A. Stos-Gale, Thorikos, Perati and Bronze Age Silver Production in the Laurion - Attica
K. Van Gelder, An Early Archaic Grave from the Cemetry South of the Theatre at Thorikos and the Attribution of TC64.262 within the Komast Group
S. A. Butcher, Late Roman Lamps from a Mine Gallery at Thorikos, with a Note on Chronology by Dr. J. Binder
M. Waelkens, A New Rock-Cut Inscription from the "Cliff Tower" in South-Attica

Fasciculus 6: Francine Blondé, Greek Lamps from Thorikos 2 delen, 256 pp. 2
Fasciculus 7: T. W. Gallant, A Fisherman's Tale: An Analysis of the Potential Productivity of Fishing in the Ancient World 77 pp., 16 figg. (Gent 1985)1 pll. (Gent 1983)
Fasciculus 8: Michèle Devillers, An Archaic and Classical Votive Deposit from a Mycenaean Tomb at Thorikos 82 pp., 23 pll. (Gent 1988)
Fasciculus 9: H. Mussche (edited by -), Studies in South Attica II 160 pp. (Ghent 1994)


H. Van Looy, Le théâtre de Thorikos et les représentations dramatiques
Doris Vanhove, The Laurion revisted
H. Mussche, Holzwege im Laurion
K. Van Gelder, A Protoattic Krater in a Swiss Collection
Eva Goosens, A Red-Figure Chous with Saters from Thorikos
G. Straetman, An Early Hellenistic Cooking Ware Workshop in Attica
S. Thielemans, The Reconstructed Height of a Number of Attic Towers: Some Critical Remarks
G. Varoufakis, Examination of an Iron Bloom from the Laurion
G. Varoufakis, Examination of an Iron Tool Found in an Ancient Marble Quarry in the Laurion


Uitgegeven in samenwerking met het seminarie voor Griekse archeologie van de universiteit van Gent.

Edités en collaboration avec le séminaire d'archéologie Grecque de l'Université de Gand.